"Great friendly practice. Very high quality work."


A.B. - as seen on Google Reviews

"Someone said to me "What sort of dental practice are you going to find in the back of beyond?" (although they may have used a slightly more salty term for 'back of beyond'...).

The answer is: an amazing dental practice. Actually the best I've encountered (and I'm a Londoner and have travelled widely in the First World). Professional, welcoming (genuinely, not a Disneyland/car sales type of thing), clued-up - just *good*.

Even the décor and the general ambience is top class - but you don't get a whole lot of time to appreciate that because you're not kept waiting for ages as in many dental practices.

This may be the 'back of beyond', but these people are up-to-date with in-service training and current professional practice. The recruitment policy seems to have 'intelligent' as the number one criteria.

Wow - just wow."


M.J. - as seen on Google Reviews

"An excellent, very friendly team providing a first class level of professional service. I've visited many dental surgeries in my time, and I rate this as one of the best."


P.F. - as seen on Google Reviews

"Friendly and professional."


H.J. - as seen on Google Reviews