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For Dentists

Professor Christopher Tredwin is Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Head of the Peninsula Dental School in Plymouth. He is a registered Specialist with the General Dental Council, in Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Restorative Dentistry.

Professor Christopher Tredwin carries out Specialist oral rehabilitation and implants.

At the YDP, we offer a guided treatment plan, or the ability to complete all of the patient's treatment and refer the patient back for routine care.

Specialist Referral Fees, Prices From

Professor Christopher Tredwin, Specialist Referral Fees, Prices From:

Fees correct as of August 2020



Initial Consultation


Full Consultation Report


Implant (including restoration)


Bone Preservation Extraction


Additional cost for socket preservation (grafting)









Additional cost for re-treatment


Premolar / Molar Core


Fee per Hour


Crown (All Ceramic / Porcelain Fused to Metal / Gold)


Hard Maxillary Occlusal Splint


Dentures (per arch)


Periodontal Regenerative Surgery


Crown Lengthening (per tooth)


* Please note all price are in GBP

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