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Yealmpton Dental Practice Limited is a " Centre of Excellence " Dental Practice. As such, high quality equipment is used throughout the Practice. The dedicated dental surgeries at YDP Ltd, are of high specification, fitted out with the most up to date equipment All instruments are sterilised after use, in state of the art washer- sterilizers, and then autoclaved.


Materials used in restorations are of the highest quality, and crowns, bridges and dentures are crafted in dedicated laboratories, by highly skilled specialist technicians. The Dental Surgeons are able to use a high powered microscope, when preparing for fillings, crowns or bridges.


This enables them to work with great accuracy, at high magnification, and produce high precision work All of the surgeries at YDP Ltd have a NOVAERUS air sterilisation system, which recirculates the surgery air after sterilising it of viruses and bacteria. All staff wear full PPE, in order to protect both patients and themselves.

Our New Ventilation System

At the Yealmpton Dental Practice Limited, we are doing all we can to make your dental journey safe from Covid-19 infection. As you are probably aware, full PPE is worn for treatment, fallow times are allowed for surgery cleaning, an in-surgery air sterilization system is present and all the Covid-19 regulations are strictly adhered to.

In order to achieve greater safety for patients, we have now installed a “state of the art” ventilation system in both of our surgeries. It is most likely to become mandatory for all dental surgeries that generate aerosols to have forced ventilation, with adequate filtration. The objective of the ventilation system we are using, is for filtered air to enter the surgery at high level, establishing a clean-air path across the operators and patient and exiting via low level filtered extraction. The new Government recommendation is that surgeries should have at least 10-12 forced air changes per hour. Certification confirms that there are 14 forced air changes per hour for the upstairs surgery and 17 FACs for the downstairs surgery, well in excess of recommended FACs.

The new system allows us to reduce our fallow time to 10 minutes before surgeries are cleaned, therefore dramatically reducing our downtime, but at the same time, still protecting staff and patients.


Our new ventilation system warms the air and filters it, before it enters the surgery. The air is then filtered upon extraction. The filtration system is essential and thus we have installed a pre-filter and a high efficiency healthcare-grade exit filter, so as to provide safety for the outside environment, from microbiological contaminants.

With these cross-infection control upgrades to our two surgeries, we can confidently offer you dentistry, which follows all Government regulations and can provide a safe environment for your dental treatment.

Our Ventilation System
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