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Why you should see a specialist dentist at Yealmpton Dental Practice

At our Yealmpton Dental Practice we take pride in making available a specialist dentist Devon in a number of dental fields, and in so doing, we believe we are able to offer patients a higher level of exceptional dental care.

Patients can schedule appointments with a specialist dentist Devon for treatments in a number of areas. Endodontics are available for care related to tooth root treatments, periodontics for when experiencing issues with gums, prosthodontics for crowns, bridges and dentures, as well as restorative dentistry for tooth replacement implants and complex adult dental work.

Part of what makes us a centre for dental excellence is our focus on a patient-centred approach. That involves not only a superior quality of care in an all-inclusive service menu, but the fact we also believe in patient education on how to maintain oral health. Next to the industry-relevant training and skills our well-qualified dental practitioners employ to restore optimal oral health, are the patient’s own responsibilities that need to be carried out at home. This is a foremost reason we encourage empowering patients with the necessary information

Additional reasons to see a specialist dentist Devon include the use of the latest techniques and tools, advanced equipment and reliable research to provide the best possible dental care to patients. A superior level of dental care is achieved by providing a patient with an accurate diagnosis, prescribing suitable effective treatments and a comfortable patient experience. Our dental practitioners are committed to ensuring that our patients receive all three.

What sets Yealmpton Dental Practice apart

Dental care provided for all ages

Our competent dental practitioners are happy to attend to patients across the age spectrum, as patients will need professional dental care throughout their life stages. It is common for most patients to take an interest in their oral health in adulthood or only when they begin to experience dental discomfort they cannot ignore. We would like to remind patients that the best way to avoid this discomfort is to receive preventive dental care. This is the ideal situation, but the nature of life is such that events may not always pan out in the way we would wish, and to accommodate for situations that call for advanced treatments and measures, our well-qualified dentists are available to help.

Emergency dental care

It is not every dental clinic that tends to patients with dental emergencies but at our Practice, we do so. In the many years we have been in the dental industry, we have come to see that dental emergencies very often happen outside regular hours of business and it is particularly during a dental emergency that dental care becomes a matter of extreme urgency.

We believe a fundamental part of what makes a modern dental practice exceptional is the use of current tools and equipment that are purposefully designed to promote efficient and effective dental practices and processes. We have built a reputable name for a dental Practice that is professionally staffed, exceptionally run and impressively equipped.

For an experience of dental care quite like no other, make Yealmpton Dental Practice your only choice. Our dental practitioners are extensively trained to provide quality care in all areas of dentistry.


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