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Who are Yealmpton Dental Practice?

Here at Yealmpton Dental Practice we are an accessible Practice that provides specialised care to our patients. We are recognised as a centre of excellence as we provide cutting edge treatments to allow our patients to transform their smiles. We are available to you whatever your dental needs. If you require basic dental care then we can be there for you. If you require support with hygiene then we can arrange this. Children are also treatable at our Practice. Emergency dental care can be accessed through our practice. You are invited to read this article to get to know more about us as a practice. We will discuss what specialised care we can offer you, as well as outlining the specific treatments that fall into these categories. This will then be followed by how you can access the help that you need.

What is a specialist Dentist?

We offer specialist dentist Devon services to our patients. We can refer our patients for specialist care in a number of different areas to allow them to access the help that they need and get the best kind of support. Patients can be referred for endodontics treatment, meaning you can access root treatments, if this is the support that you require. If you have issues with your gums, then periodontal referral can allow you to take control of this. A different kind of referral that you can utilise is prosthodontics, this includes working with crowns, bridges and dentures. These can be used to transform your smile and have your smile appear healthy again. Finally, we can support our patients with restorative dentistry to allow patients to tend to any gaps in their smile.

What treatments are available?

As previously mentioned, specialist dentist Devon care can fall into four categories endodontics, periodontal treatment, prosthodontics and restorative treatment. When it comes to endodontics, we can offer our patients root canal therapy. This can allow you to tackle issues with the teeth head on without needing to remove the tooth. Periodontal care can allow you to tackle issues such as gum disease, head on. Prosthodontics can be used for you to replace missing teeth. The treatment is adaptable, being able to use crowns, bridges and dentures which can be fixed or removable. Restorative dentistry can allow you to treat issues with oral cavities in the teeth and the structures that are around it. You should read on to the next section to discover what your next movements should be.

What should I do next?

If you think that you could benefit from aspecialist dentist Devonthen you should consider having a look at our website. There you will find more information about us as a practice and how we operate. You can contact us directly through our website and we will be able to get back to you and answer any queries that you may have. You may be invited to a consultation so we can map out the best possible care for you. We look forward to being able to assist you in your journey to a new and improved smile.


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