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Seek root canal therapy with a visit to our specialist dentist Devon

In order to live your life to the fullest, it’s important to look after not only your general health and wellbeing but your oral health as well. One of doing that is by taking good care of your teeth and gums.

We recommend that patients brush their teeth twice a day, once in the morning to begin their day and again before going to bed. In some instances, patients may find that while they adhere to strict hygiene habits by developing a meticulous cleaning routine, they are still at risk of dental issues. This may present itself in the form of gum disease or infection.

For some patients, they only are limited to cleaning the visible parts of their teeth and gums and as a result this could lead to plaque build-up or even tartar. This could be as a result of overlapping of teeth or overcrowding resulting in limited visibility of all teeth. In this instance, there is a greater chance that a dental issue could develop inside your actual teeth or present itself on the patient’s gums. When this takes place it may cause levels of discomfort or even pain. A specialist dentist Devon is able to assist in this regard and can successfully combat this issue with a specialised form of treatment.

For these kinds of dental issues it is often recommended that the patient has root canal therapy. While this kind of treatment often has stressful connotations, you will be in good hands by seeking professional help from a specialist dentist Devon who can assist with providing treatment.

What exactly is root canal treatment and what causes this issue in patients?

Root canal therapy is required in patients who are experiencing an infection in their tooth. This is due to the outside of your tooth containing a hard enamel shell that helps to create and shape the crown of your overall tooth. This is used every day by patients when it comes to eating and biting food. The hard shell essentially helps to protect the inner layers which consist of the dentin and the pulp chamber.

Inside the chamber you will have a soft tissue which is commonly referred to as the pulp. The pulp helps to nourish the roots of your tooth with sufficient nutrients helping it to grow. Once your tooth is fully grown the role of the pulp is less significant as your tooth will gain nourishment from the surrounding tissue.

For patients who have inflamed pulp or infected pulp it could present itself in the form of severe tooth pain and treatment from a specialist dentist Devon is required. They will be able to assist with providing treatment at the heart of the tooth to help combat the infection and remove the infected pulp. The process is referred to as root canal therapy.

Patients may experience some warning signs that will alert you to the infection being present. One of the signs is through constant tooth sensitivity when it comes to eating or drinking hot and cold food or drink. Other warning signs include sudden or severe toothache that causes major discomfort or pain.


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