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Oral care and attention by our specialist dentist Devon!

Having to travel for orthodontic, periodontal, prosthodontic treatments, restorative dentistry or dental implants to another surgery can be unsettling and inconvenient! At Yealmpton Dental Practice, our specialist dentist Devon can provide you with any of these treatments in the comfort of our dental practice. It takes time to build up a relationship between a patient and a dental practitioner. We provide all the routine and regular treatments that you associate with your local dental practice.

Comprehensive oral care

As a specialist dentist Devon, we can provide exceptional oral health care at our dental surgery. Our team have all been appointed based on their skills, knowledge and expertise so that you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible care and attention. Yealmpton Dental Practice provides treatment for all ages and is a “Centre of Excellence” dental Practice. Therefore, you can be certain that we utilise the latest equipment and the best quality materials in all of our procedures.

Full range of treatments

Preventive dental care needs to start at a young age, and we encourage our patients to bring their children into our dental clinic at a young age so that we can identify anything that needs attention during the appointment or in the future. The guidance that they receive now will help them avoid unnecessary teeth and gum problems when they are older. The knowledge and experience of our team will provide you with cosmetic procedures such as dental whitening and porcelain veneers, to name but a few, giving you the smile that you want!

Reassuring oral care

To know that your dental surgery has a specialist dentist Devon who can perform root canal treatment. You can also receive treatment for red and swollen gums, reducing the chance of tooth loss. Losing a tooth through accident or tooth decay can be a traumatic event in itself. Travelling to another dental surgery to have missing teeth replaced can add stress to an already anxious patient. To have a crown, dental bridge, dentures or dental implant fitted at your own dental surgery reduces the amount of anxiety. Knowing that you have a resident “professor” delivering this level of treatment is a source of encouragement to patients to take good care of their teeth. It is also reassuring to know that whatever dental procedure you may require, our dental surgery is adequately capable of delivering the treatment that you require.

Regular dental care

As a responsible twenty-first-century dental Practice, we actively encourage you to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Regular bi-annual dental checkups allow us to help you maintain your oral health. Putting a smile on your face through general and cosmetic dental treatments is our purpose, and keeping it there for your lifetime is our ambition. We have the specialist dental knowledge and expertise to deliver this ambition. For your mental health, we will provide you with a level of oral care that provides you with guidance, education and the peace of mind that you are getting the best oral care and attention available.


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