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For a specialist dentist Devon, come to Yealmpton Dental Practice

For a specialist dentist Devon, Yealmpton Dental Practice is ready to give you the treatment you need in a caring and friendly environment. We are a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and we pride ourselves on delivering treatments to patients when they really need them, whilst promoting preventive dentistry to remove the need for more extensive treatment, wherever possible. If you have lost one or more of your teeth, we have a range of treatments to address this with crowns, bridges or dentures. In order to fit these securely, however, we also offer dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are screws that are fitted to your jawbone and are fixed securely in place when the body’s tissues fuse around them. We recommend dental implants to many of our patients because they enable you to feel as though you have got a mouth full of natural teeth. You won’t need to worry about taking out your replacement teeth to clean them, or avoid eating chewy or hard foods, for example. Once your implants are fitted and your replacement teeth are attached, you could have teeth that function just like your natural ones. All you will need to do to look after them is clean them regularly and see us for your check-ups. Don’t forget to floss too, of course!

How quickly can I get dental implants?

To get dental implants fitted will take a couple of appointments. During the first appointment, our specialist dentist Devon will fit the implants and get your replacement teeth measured up and ready to be manufactured. While these are ordered, your mouth will have time to heal and you will have temporary replacement teeth added to your implants. Once all is healed, you can then return for the second appointment, where we will be able to fit your permanent replacement teeth on to the implants! The time between appointments may be several months.

Will anyone be able to see I don’t have natural teeth?

The beauty of dental implants is that they provide the closest thing to having your original teeth back and it should remove the concern that your restored teeth will loosen and give the game away. Your replacement teeth will also be manufactured to look like one another, as well as complementing any remaining natural teeth that you have. We can control the size of the teeth, the shape of them and the shade, so your smile should look natural and beautiful!

Does this require major surgery?

Having the dental implants fitted is not major surgery and you will only need local anaesthetic for the procedure. As such, you also shouldn’t feel any pain during the treatment. If you are a nervous patient, we can put a plan in place of how we will proceed, taking things at your pace and only doing what you want us to. We may also be able to discuss the option of sedation. To find out more and discuss issues such as this, book in for an initial consultation and we can identify the treatment options after examining you. If you do opt for dental implants, you could have a natural-looking smile in the ensuing months which will fill you with renewed confidence from our specialist dentist Devon.


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