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A quick look at the role of a specialist dentist in Devon

We all need to understand the need to maintain high standards in our oral hygiene and health, as the effects of such benefit the entire body. Failing to brush and floss our teeth daily should not be seen as an available option and there needs to be a clear line drawn if we wish to avoid the development of serious dental issues, that may lead to the need for invasive dental treatment.

If we are to avoid the creation of any worst-case scenarios within our oral health, we need to treat our teeth and oral hygiene with the respect they deserve, by practising an oral cleaning routine in the morning and the evening. But still, it is best to understand how to access a specialist dentist, Devon, as well as having some knowledge of the types of services they provide.


Endodontics, better known as Root Canal Therapies, are used when the mass or pulp inside one of your teeth becomes infected, this can be caused by tooth decay or some other damage to the tooth.

This procedure is used to prevent any infection from spreading through the root canal at the base of the teeth roots, if the infection spreads it can lead to the creation of an abscess that may prove more damaging to your oral health.

Where a root canal cannot be safely performed, or may not benefit you, then your infected tooth may need to be removed. Endodontics or Root Canal Therapies are often seen as the most widely known treatment provided by a specialist dentist Devon.


Is the area of dentistry that is concerned with looking after your gums and jawbone supporting and surrounding the base and roots of your teeth, with the primary aims of preventing and controlling infections.

If your gums become red and swollen this is a sign that some gum disease is present and if left untreated your gums may start to bleed, this is often a sign of a common infection called Gingivitis. If left to worsen, this can lead to the teeth lacking the support they need and becoming lost over time.

When it comes to gum disease, early intervention will also allow for the best results, this ensures you will be able to enjoy a good standard of oral health.


If you find you have lost teeth you may want to consider having them replaced using our specialist Prosthodontics, this is the area of dentistry that covers the use of crowns, bridges, and dentures. These can be removable or fixed in place with the patient’s mouth using implants, the choice is yours as to which you think suits your needs.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry using all the disciplines described in this piece to help restore your teeth in a way that you are comfortable with. When used correctly, you should feel like you have regained your natural teeth, as you should not notice any difference in the look and feel of any implants used and any remaining natural teeth.

Those looking for a way to have teeth restored may want to contact a specialist dentist Devon to find out more details.

We are a “Centre of Excellence” Dental Practice in Yealmpton offering high-quality general dentistry and specialist referral for endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, restorative dentistry and implants.


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