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Yealmpton Dental Practice could help you

Here at our Practice, we are a ‘centre of excellence’. We offer the very best in dental care to our patients and can help them with specialised referrals for some specific conditions. These referrals can be for endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics or any other restorative dentistry. Implants are also offered on a specialist basis, allowing patients to smile without worrying about gaps in their dentition. Our Practice offers you a whole host of different treatments which can allow you to smile with confidence. We want all of our patients to be able to access the treatments that they need to keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible. If a patient is looking for a specialist dentist Yealmpton, then we could be the Practice for you. We recommend that you read on to discover more about us as a Practice and the types of things we can offer you, if you become one of our patients. In this article we will go through each of the specialist treatments that we offer as highly-qualified dental professionals.

What are endodontics?

If you require a specialist dentist Yealmpton treatment such as a root canal procedure, then we can offer you support. This type of treatment may be required when your tooth becomes badly decayed. Extra care will be taken to ensure that you and your teeth are looked after, this will include the use of anaesthetic. Your tooth will then be prepared with a drill before a thorough cleaning takes place, after which a temporary crown will then seal the tooth. Once the infection has cleared it will be permanently filled. This treatment will allow us to take control of any infection and protect the structure of the tooth.

What are periodontics?

If you require our specialist dentist Yealmpton to look after your gums, then we can help you maintain a healthy mouth. Without a sufficient dental hygiene regime at home gums can become inflamed and problems surrounding the health of your teeth can occur. Regular specialist check-ups at our Practice can reduce the risk of tooth loss and allow you to maintain a healthy smelling breath.​

What are prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics deal with the replacement of teeth that have been lost. We can help you with crowns, bridges and dentures. These can be fixed or they can be removed. Our dentistry is built to work around you. We can also offer you implants that can help stabilise your new crown, bridge or denture.

What is restorative dental care?

This branch of dentistry can take care of the oral cavity, the teeth and any other support structures that can be found in the mouth. Restoring patients’ mouths to be fully functional again improves their quality of life in being able to eat, speak and smile with confidence once more. These are attributes we take for granted normally, sometimes only seeing their real value once they are compromised in some way.

What should I do next?

If you think any of these treatment options could be for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us here at our Practice. We are always happy to help new patients. You could have a look at our website to familiarise yourself more with the treatments that we offer. You can also call us directly to book an appointment, we can’t wait to hear from you and be able to put measures in place to help you.


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