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Why you need a specialist dentist for root canal therapy

At Yealmpton Dental Practice we offer the services of a registered specialist dentist Devon who is suitably qualified and highly skilled to carry out endodontic treatments – more commonly known as root canal therapy. Endodontic treatments require a higher level of knowledge and skills to save decaying teeth. The training an endodontist receives in order to effectively save teeth includes the ability to diagnose tooth pain, the ability to accurately identify the need for root canal therapy, as well as the in-depth knowledge of the interior of the mouth and the relevant dental procedures to solve related issues.

At our Practice we know that root canal therapy often goes underappreciated, but this type of dental care is a highly effective way to save a patient’s natural teeth and relieve them of the excruciating pain that accompanies tooth decay.

There are many plus points to root canal therapy which has sustained its use in dental care, some of its benefits include protecting neighbouring teeth from undue strain, improving the ability to chew effectively, in addition to a patient given back their normal biting force,

Is a specialist dentist Devon really necessary to provide endodontic care?

In order to provide patients with root canal therapy, a dental practitioner will need to have received additional training in this area of dentistry. Often a dentist will refer a patient to a suitably qualified dental practitioner, but at our Practice we have an in-house specialist dentist Devon.

It is common to find that patients fear the words ‘root canal therapy’ when a dentist discovers they have decaying teeth. But this need not be the case thanks to advancements in dental technology and techniques. Our specialist dentist takes care to deliver personalised endodontic care that is comfortable and efficient and care that meets with the needs of our patients.

How we provide outstanding dental care to our patients

It is not every dental clinic that can boast of being a ‘Centre of Excellence’ but at our Practice we can say it with pride. Our passion for dentistry and the well-being of our patients is showcased in how we do what we do.

Our patients are known to benefit from dental care that is efficient, effective and which caters to individual patient needs. When seeing our specialist dentist, patients are known to receive the following benefits below.

An in-depth consultation process – we take the time to understand your needs and concerns and provide you with information relating to all suitable options, as well as ensure you understand the risks and benefits associated with each. It is important to us that our patients are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their oral health.

Dental care that sees a dental practitioner placing patient comfort as a topmost concern.

Thorough instructions on post-procedure care, as well as details on follow-up appointments. We cannot stress enough the importance of patients adhering to all guidelines offered by our specialist dentist.

For a Practice that prioritises being a ‘Centre of Excellence’, look to Yealmpton Dental Practice to care for your family’s oral health as well as your own.


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