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Why choose our Specialist Dentist in Devon?

At Yealmpton Dental Practice situated within the heart of Devon we strive to promote an impeccably high standard of specialist dental care for all of our new and pre-registered patients. In addition to embracing the latest advancements within dental technology to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results within the walls of our Practice, we also hand-pick the very best team of dental specialists to ensure our patients are always well looked after. In addition to offering the highest quality dental materials available on the modern dental market, we also choose to promote a patient-centred dental approach, but what does this mean for our patients?

A patient-centred dental approach with our Specialist Dentist Devon

At our clinic within Devon we ensure our patients achieve their dream smile, every time. But how do we help our patients feel as confident as ever within their new smiles? Our patient-centred dental approach essentially ensures every single one of our patients gets treated as completely unique, therefore receiving a custom-made plan to make certain they receive the best possible results for their individual case, however complex or simple their chosen treatment. But what treatments are available with our Specialist Dentist Devon?

The wide variety of dental treatments available at our modern, friendly, and welcoming dental surgery

In addition to offering more general dental treatments, procedures such as emergency dental care, crowns, extractions, and even cosmetic teeth whitening, we also choose to provide an extensive array of preventive dental treatments too. But why is preventive dentistry so important?

Emphasising the importance of preventive dental care with our Specialist Dentist Devon

At our dental clinic within Devon we choose to embrace both quality of service and quantity of choice when it comes to our procedures, which essentially ensures our patients achieve the best possible results for their individual smiles. In addition to offering an extensive array of more complex dental procedures such as root canals, removing tooth roots and intricate restorative procedures, we also choose to promote the importance of more general preventive dental care too.

Staying on top of your oral health

At our Practice within Devon we understand that our patients’ social, and work schedules can be extremely busy, this unfortunately means that many individuals may place the condition of their oral health towards the bottom of their priority list. Despite this however, our specialist team of dental healthcare professionals strive to advocate preventive dentistry as the backbone of all genres of dental care. Preventive dental treatments can ensure our patients’ smiles stay as healthy as possible, which therefore leads to the prevention of unwanted dental diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example). Our dental hygiene services not only ensure our patients stay on top of their brushing regime, but we add to this by also offering treatments to remove the build-up of unwanted plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth.

What is a scale and polish treatment?

A scale and polish essentially embraces the use of special interdental brushes and pastes to ensure a patient’s teeth are free of bacterial build-up, therefore leading to a healthier, and happier smile.


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