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What does a specialist dentist do?

It is not every patient that would need to see a specialist dentist Devon. The services offered by a specialist dentist Devon are usually reserved for patients with advanced stages of their dental conditions. These conditions are more serious in nature which requires a deeper level of knowledge and a higher degree of skill. In order to treat the advanced nature of these dental diseases, a specialist dentist Devon undertakes further years of study and training in a specific field such as endodontics. At Yealmpton Dental Practice, we try to cater for every type of dental need including treating severe forms of dental problems. Without an in-house specialist dentist to refer to, dental practitioners would need to refer their patients elsewhere but at our Practice this need is conveniently accommodated for.

What are the different types of specialist dentistry services available?

Most dental issues like cavities, bad breath and teeth whitening can be effectively treated with general dentistry services. When general dental care treatments are no longer effective to save natural teeth or gums or for more complex artificial teeth solutions, patients may be referred to us for a number of specialised treatments.


Endodontics is the field reserved for the last means of saving teeth. Patients may be more familiar with the term – root canal therapy. This treatment is mainly required for when the deeper inner tissues of the tooth (the pulp) have been infected and need to be cleaned out. If not treated, the patient may endure much discomfort and pain.

The procedure is a time-intensive procedure which requires a high level of skill, but the life benefits of such a procedure are worth it.


This field of dental care is reserved for the replacement of lost permanent teeth. Patients have a number of options available to them from dentures to bridges.


Advanced stages of gum disease require the services of a periodontist for the rehabilitation of gums. It must be remembered that gums play a vital role in supporting the teeth that sit on the gum line as well as the jawbone below. Bone loss and tooth loss are some of the serious consequences of gum disease that is left untreated.

At our Practice, we go the extra mile to more than meet the high expectations placed on us by our patients. To this end we offer an all-inclusive approach to meeting our patients’ needs.

Many patients, especially if they have a dental practitioner that they like and are comfortable with, are hesitant to go anywhere else for extra dental care that they need.

By offering in-house specialist services, we cater to convenience and the safety of our patient records. There is very little chance of records going missing or miscommunication between dental clinics. These frustrations in the dental processes can cause much delay and consternation for patients. All appointments are handled at one Practice. This is a greater level of personalised and efficient dental care.

Choose a Practice that offers you all-round quality dental care, Yealmpton Dental Practice. Our capable dental team covers a wide array of general dentistry services and we also cover specialist dental care services in-house like endodontics and periodontics.


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