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On the search for specialist dental treatment?

Are you based in Devon and seeking dental treatment? Perhaps you are dealing with a dental issue and you are unsure of the best treatment to treat the issue. Whatever the case may be if you currently live in Devon and you are looking for an experienced dentist, why not visit us at Yealmpton dental practice, where we welcome individuals of all ages and offer high-quality dental treatments within various areas of dentistry.

What you can expect from us at Yealmpton Dental Practice

At Yealmpton dental practice we are passionate about promoting dental health to our patients. We do this not only through our dental treatments but by providing our patients with preventive techniques that can help to maintain both healthy teeth and gums.

We understand how important it is to have good oral health which is why we encourage our patients to have routine dental checkups with us. Should we identify any dental issues during one of your checkups, you will be recommended a dental treatment to help you solve your problem.

What dental treatments do we offer at Yealmpton Dental Practice?

At Yealmpton dental practice, we offer dental treatments within areas of dentistry including preventive dentistry and general dentistry. For those who are currently dealing with a missing tooth or teeth, we also offer treatments to replace your teeth and improve your smile such as crowns, bridges or dental implants.

Additionally, if you are dealing with either a tooth or gum infection, at Yealmptom dental practice, we can provide you with treatments for the affected area. So, by booking an appointment with our specialist dentist Devon, they will be able to help you on your journey to improving your overall oral health.

Treatments at Yealmpton Dental Practice

If you have noticed that your tooth has become sensitive, or you are experiencing sore or swollen gums, you may have an infection that requires treatment. At Yealmpton dental practice, we offer dental treatment in the following areas of dentistry: periodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics. All three of these treatments are restorative dental treatments that aim to treat any infection you may have and improve your oral health and your smile.

For example, if you are currently experiencing pain when you are biting or chewing, sensitivity in your tooth, or you have noticed that your tooth has become loose, you may be dealing with a pulp infection that requires endodontic treatment, which is more commonly known as root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment at Yealmpton Dental Practice

To have this procedure, our specialist dentist Devon will first administer a local anaesthetic to ensure to reduce the risk of pain and discomfort during the treatment. The specialist dentist Devon will then prepare the infected tooth with a drill, which will allow them to access the root canal system in order for the infected pulp to be removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. Once this has been completed, the root canal system will be filled and a temporary crown will be placed on the infected tooth so that the area can heal. You will be invited back to the practice at a later date when the infection has completely healed and at this appointment, the tooth will be permanently filled.


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