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Do I need to see a Specialist Dentist in Devon for root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is just one of the specialist treatments offered by our Practice in Devon. Whilst root canal therapy is a relatively common treatment we have a Specialist Dentist Devon that carries out the skilled and time consuming procedure. The treatment will spread across two or more appointments and we want you to rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality care at our Yealmpton Dental Practice to leave you with a fully functioning mouth once more.

What does root canal therapy entail?

Root canal therapy is required when the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected due to possible damage obtained through an injury or through infected tooth decay. Infections within the tooth can cause a considerable amount of pain and discomfort if they are allowed to spread through the root canal system. Our Specialist Dentist understands the need for prompt treatment so as to minimise discomfort and to reduce the risk of having to have the tooth removed. Therefore at our Practice we encourage all our patients to contact us as soon as possible to discuss and arrange an appointment as quickly as possible.

During your appointment at our Practice, our Specialist Dentist Devon will discuss the procedure and treatment with you and then once you are comfortable with the treatment and all questions have been answered, a local anaesthetic will be administered to remove any further discomfort. Once the anaesthetic numbs the area, access to the root canal system will be prepared using a dental drill. Please be aware that this is not as daunting as it sounds and the area will be numb during this procedure. The entire system will then be rigorously cleaned so as to remove all infection and pulp. Once our Specialist Dentist Devon has cleared out the area it will be filled and temporarily sealed using a crown.

Our dental team will then advise as to when to return for your next appointment. Once the infection has cleared a permanent filling will be administered. This may not occur during your second appointment as it is dependent entirely on the elimination of the infection and how healed the area is. Throughout the process our dental team will keep you fully informed so that you are aware of how the treatment is progressing and will put any potential fears to rest by answering all your questions to the best of their ability.

Once the treatment is complete you, our patient, will have a fully restored tooth or teeth that are inconspicuous and both natural in appearance and feeling. The remaining healthy tooth structure will also be preserved and the risk of further infection prevented. Keeping on top of your oral hygiene is extremely important and therefore you will be given advice and potentially referred to a hygienist for ongoing care.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures will be fully explained to you before taking place so that you are able to make an informed decision about what is best for you.


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